About Dr Leah Stuckings


BA (Hons), DClinPsych, GradCertEd, MAPS, FCCLP


Leah is a Clinical Psychologist with 25 years of experience who currently specialises in medico-legal report writing. Her expertise is in the diagnosis and treatment of adult and adolescent mental illness, which incorporates psychological assessment, psychometric testing and mental state examination. She is on the Queensland committee of the APS Clinical College of Psychologists.

Her specific medico-legal interests include personal injury, institutional abuse redress, immigration, and employment law. She has done Psychiatric Impairment Rating (PIRS) training.

Work History

After obtaining a psychology degree at the University of Queensland, Leah undertook an honours degree in Melbourne in 1996 where she completed a thesis on intimacy within families with a focus on family law matters. Leah then began her career in child protection both in Australia and the UK, gaining experience in child and adolescent mental health care. She briefly gained experience in drug and alcohol treatment, and then moved into adult mental health assessment and treatment, in the government and private sectors. 

Whilst working for the Sunshine Coast Division of General Practice from 2002-2008, she completed a doctorate in clinical psychology with research focusing on people’s readiness for treatment following referral which was presented at the national APS conference and published. Her doctoral practicum experience ranged from psychiatric inpatient care to palliative care at Nambour Hospital. Furthermore, Leah gained qualifications in hypnotherapy.

Since the completion of Leah’s doctorate over a decade ago, she has worked in private practice and as a lecturer and supervisor at the local university. She now specialises in medico-legal report writing and is also a government-contracted doctor reviewing the functional impact of work-related disability for Services Australia.